Villain: A Mime Play by William



Teller - wearing a beach suit.

Old Lady - wearing a long flowery dress, pink colour. Has short glasses and has to squint to look through them. She has a huge stack of five cent coins.

Villain - wearing a T shirt saying “I’M NOT A BANK ROBBER”, wearing balaclava, black pants and shoes. He has a duffel bag.

M1 - wearing long fur covered jacket and long pants, ski goggles on.

M2 - wearing a grey robe with music notes on it and is wearing soft, slippers (ones that cover the whole foot).

M3 - wearing a grey robe with music notes on it and is wearing soft, slippers (ones that cover the whole foot).

M4 - wearing lion fur and is hunched on his back, he is holding a bone and a flint arrowhead, he has long bushy hair.

Robber – wearing a T shirt saying “I’M NOT A BANK ROBBER”, holds a gun.


A Bank - small but open space room with marble as walls, steel cage which the TELLER is inside, computer on his left and money counter on his right; and behind him is a Surf Board. There is a Line of MANNEQUINS with different styles of dressings. There are lights outside the cage and inside, some shining on the MANNEQUINS and on the VILLAIN.


An OLD LADY is holding up the line, learning on a walking stick - counting 5 cent coins the whole time through the play; M1 is in a skiing position; M2 is in a sleeping position while standing; M3 is in a victorious like position; M4 is in a hunting position; VILLAIN is acting casual as if no one would care that his balaclava is on already and looks as if he is going to rob a bank. TELLER is looking bored waiting for something fun and amazing to happen after serving the OLD LADY.

VILLAIN walks in with big map of Australia in his hands and is trying to figure out where the bank in Australia is, suddenly stops then marvels at the bank around him. He wanders across to the line opposite him, puts the map away and then tries to peek over the MANNEQUINS to try and see the TELLER.

TELLER is counting money and is looking bored as if he was doing this job for years and years, doing the same thing. The MANNEQUINS have no facial expression and don’t move in any way, are not responsive but are in certain positions. The OLD LADY keeps counting 5 cent coins, she looks carefully at each coin to make sure that she is not mistaking them for any other junk.


VILLAIN, not realising he will be in for a long wait, is waiting there patiently with no frustration or impotency. TELLER looking a bit impatient and is pacing back and forth within his cage. OLD LADY is still continuously counting 5 cent coins. VILLIAN tries to open the exit door but it is locked, VILLIAN pulls on door then pushes then gives up, walks to the back of the line again.


VILLAIN chatting silently with MANNEQUIN next to him, the MANNEQUIN has no reaction. VILLIAN laughs as if they are having a jolly good time. TELLER is waxing his board as if he is getting ready to surf. VILLIAN then tries to call someone, looks at his phone, reaches out and starts to walk around looking for reception. The VILLAIN sees the door is open, he runs into and out of the stage, suddenly a pair of hands throw him back into the stage, he looks confused.


VILLAIN is in the line waiting impatiently, drumming his fingers on the MANNEQUIN’S head and tapping his feet, while mumbling to himself. VILLIAN then jumps the line and moves towards the counter, so the OLD LADY hits him on the knee with her walking stick, with a shake of head and shrugs because she had been distracted by the VILLAIN. She started to put all the coins slowly back into her bag to count it again, while the he waves his arms around in frustration.


OLD LADY is now counting the coins and putting them back in to her bag, MANNEQUINS are in sleeping bags but the VILLAIN is alone on the cold, hard floor. Then he moves in with the caveman, puts arm of MANNEQUIN around himself, the arm comes off. VILLAIN looks around swiftly and then backs away to original spot.


TELLER is playing a game, tenses up when he loses, (“Game Over” theme from Mario plays). VILLAIN is practicing his bank robbery skills by pretending to hold a gun and swiftly pushes the TELLER to hurry up. OLD LADY has finished counting and gives the TELLER her money and slowly walks off stage.

The VILLAIN then shoves and pushes the MANNEQUINS down so they fall over. He speed walks to the front where he holds up a cloth which is covering something that looks like a knife, points it at the TELLER. TELLER puts his hands up quickly and pulls out his lunch box and offers it to him, VILLAIN shakes his head vigorously and pulls out a crumpled note and puts it in his bag. VILLIAN then makes a money sign with his fingers, TELLER doesn’t understand and then repeats the actions back, VILLIAN shakes his head in frustration, and TELLER shrugs his shoulders and sits back down on his chair.

VILLAIN tries to reach inside the cage bars, but can’t touch TELLER. VILLAIN puts the bag on the counter. TELLER leans back in his chair and laughs.

Suddenly, a real ROBBER wearing ‘I’m not a robber’ shirt bursts in with a gun and pushes the VILLAIN away, who then trips on a MANNEQUIN. The TELLER jumps up and puts his hands up while swallowing in fear. The ROBBER shoots his gun, narrowly missing the TELLER’s head.

TELLER takes the VILLAIN’S bag and starts to fill the bag with money, the VILLAIN gets up and looks at the robber then faints. TELLER hands the bag over to the ROBBER, who runs off out the exit.

TELLER remains standing taking in what just happened.




Photo Credit Flickr by Señor Codo