During this time we have developed cohesive plans for the development, management and delivery of exciting and engaging classroom writing and storytelling projects.

Professional Development for your School

We can deliver a group workshop of your choice on a school development day, or after hours, onsite at your school or online.

Prices start at $1,500 + GST for a group of 20

Writing with the Story Factory : How to Improve Creative Writing in your classroom

Think of this course as ‘Creative Writing 101 with the Story Factory’ – an introduction to our teaching methodology. This will include the Story Factory Theory of Change, and the academic research that supports the development and design of our workshops, activities and engagement strategies. Presenters will model activities and strategies that have been successfully used by Story Factory to promote creativity and support literacy development in the classroom.

In this workshop participants will receive a collection of modular writing activities that can be adapted and used by teachers in a variety of creative writing contexts.

And, most of all, we’ll share lots of tips that will help you make creative writing exciting for your students!

We’ll explore a range of activities and strategies including:

  • character generation and development activities
  • activities designed to assist with world building in narrative writing
  • using graphic organisers to assist with student understanding of cause and effect in narrative
  • strategies for developing a classroom environment conducive to creativity

This workshop is suitable for teachers of students from stage 3 to stage 5
Duration: Two hours


Creativity in the Classroom

This course dives into the world of creativity in education, with a particular focus on the creative in creative writing. Participants will:

*be introduced to a range of fun, engaging creativity-based activities examine ways creativity can be used to support literacy growth in classrooms;
*learn how to use innovative observation tools designed to track creativity;
*be provided with suggestions for developing new creative writing activities.

During the course we’ll explore various theories of creativity, recent research about the impact of creativity in education, and teaching strategies that encourage creativity in students. Expect to work your way through a series of fun, innovative and practical activities that are easily transferred to the classroom.

This workshop is suitable for teachers of students from stage 3 to stage 5
Duration: Two hours


Engaging Disengaged Writers

At the Story Factory we spend a great deal of time working with students who are categorised as ‘disengaged.’ In this course we’ll share a wide variety of resources and proven strategies that have been used successfully in our workshops to engage disengaged students. This course will guide you through the Story Factory Theory of Change and show how we use the combination of teaching strategies, creativity and writing-based activities to foster student engagement.

Activities will include:

  • Writing and Real Life – enabling students to use aspects of their world to inspire writing
  • Character Generation – using analogy to aid character development and description
  • Using thematic guides to inspire group writing projects – introducing a selection of themed writing projects (suitable for students in stage 3-5)

Participants will examine examples of both content and teaching strategies that are used by the Story Factory to encourage student engagement and critical decisions about the development of writing projects. The teaching materials presented will focus on both the generation of ideas and the provision of thematic guides or structures to effectively scaffold and support student writing in the classroom.

This workshop is suitable for teachers of students from stage 3 to stage 5
Duration: Two hours