19 Jun 2012

tlu koula _ alien

by Tolu Koula
My sister started screaming. The TV suddenly turned off. I thought it was a ghost. Then I realised it was a blackout. Wait, what about the trip to Tonga?!

I wondered if Mum, who was on the computer had booked the tickets to Tonga. I felt in the middle of sad and angry. I felt we may miss out on going to Tonga. Mum and Dad went to coles to get candles. We played murder in the dark, my big brother, my little sister and I. There was a knock on the door.

I asked “Who are you?”

He starred at me with a curious look with his four big googly eyes. I couldn’t help looking at his strong fluffy tail. There were big butterflies in my stomach when I opened the door. Something made me scared and happy at the same time. I knew he would not harm me. He gave me a letter without saying a single word. It said “I come from space. I came here because the satellite turned off. I wanted to see what was happening so I came down to Earth.”

He asked me why it was so dark. I told him that the satelite had turned off because of the blackout. The creature took one step inside and touched the walls.

The walls started disappearing.

The roof started opening and my brother and sister vanished. Now the whole house was nowhere to be seen. It was all icy and it was mind blowing! Mum and Dad came back with the candles and said “Tolu, what have you done to our house?”

Then my big brother jumped on me and woke me up.

Tolu Koula

Tolu is 9 years old and wishes he had wings to fly so that when he gets angry he could fly high over the world in the clouds. His favourite food is a bacon and egg roll from the fair. His favourite team in rugby union is The Chiefs. This is his story.