Why You Should Join our Year of the Novella Program

Why You Should Join our Year of the Novella Program

23 May 2024

Have you ever wanted to write your own book? Now’s your chance! 

Our Year of the Novella program is free and open to high-school students ready to take on their next big challenge—writing your own novella, start to finish. 

Storyteller Jerry, who is currently running Year of the Novella, shared his thoughts about what you might just get out of the program.

“The best thing is the one-on-one writing support. Year of the Novella gives young people the opportunity to really explore the idea of becoming a writer—and we provide the space and tools to focus and give their creativity proper attention,” says Jerry.

“Writing a whole book is a massive thing to do at any age, and it’s really cool to see how ideas grow and develop over the course of the year, and how those ideas become whole worlds.”

Our Year of the Novella program runs every week during school term, and students can still join in for 2024.

You’ll get professional support to help craft and develop your very own story, and connect with other high-school students from Western Sydney—a great opportunity to learn and make new friends!

“Students get to hang out with other students, and bounce ideas off each other—you can really see a community of like-minded young people coming together to write and learn,” explains Jerry.

“We have students writing in all genres; we have an epic fantasy saga, we have someone writing a series of short stories, and we have authors inserting memes into their text—every page keeps you guessing and that’s one of the exciting things about this program.”

If you are a high-school student who loves to write and wants to be a published author, our Year of the Novella program is absolutely for you!

Get in touch with us at students@storyfactory.org.au to sign up today.