We're Writing to Say

We’re Writing to Say... is a Story Factory project that aimed to creatively document the lived experience of young people during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the shared experience of a truly unprecedented year, the project connected young people with each other: building empathy, embracing inclusion and providing a forum for them to share their stories and reflections. Buy the book  here.

Proudly funded by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice.

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Stories from this Program

Story about an Animal

By Daniel R, Stage 4

One morning I woke up finding my dog outside the gate and I felt confused. How had the dog passed the gate?

Museum of Me: Untitled

By Georgia

Object: Laptop It feels heavy, and I hold my memories from quarantine with it. Online school, I wish I could forget. It was tiring! If i was really lucky, I...

My Story: Untitled

By Alice

Two days ago, a wild beast called Bella walked into my room and screamed, “You hacked my Roblox account!” “No, I didn’t.” I said. “Yes, you did!” Then all of...

My Story: Untitled

By Bella

Rosie is a pure-bread Bengal cat and Bianca is a mixed short hair. Bianca was rescued, when her owners put her whole family out on the street. They fight ALOT....

50 Word Story: Untitled

By Kobi

We found a turtle. Me and my dad were out playing at the golf club. Its shell was cracked.  We took it home.  After four years the crack healed.  We...

50 Word Story: Untitled

By Melissa

My mum decided to give my dog a KFC chips package.  My dog decided to try to put his entire head in the package. “WTF” followed by laughing.

50 Word Story: Untitled

By Tyrone

I found my Crow, Gavin, near Minto, near Macfields. With my cousins. I’ll train it and take it home. Cousin said “why are you taking it home? Why do you...

50 Word Story: Untitled

By Olivia

Roxy, my rottweiler.She’s very hyperactive. She’d scratch on the screen door and try to jump in the window.Sometimes she managed to get in.She accidentally killed our pet rabbit and afterwards...

My Statement: Untitled

By Willow

I bring an interest in the Kardashians I bring a sense of humour

My Statement: Untitled

By Willow

I bring an interest in the KardashiansI bring a sense of humour  I’ll remember Corona (it’s Donald Trump) I hope I get thickI hope I get skin!!!!I hope Trump doesn’t...

My Statement: Untitled

By Noah

I bring fractionsI hope Conor comes back

My Statement: Untitled

By Jackson

I bring Paper Mario Origami King on Nintendo Switch

My Statement: Untitled

By Harley

I bring strength – liftingI bring working – school workI bring bike riding – mountain bike.

My Statement: Untitled

By Ezura

I bring JapaneseI bring musicI bring being creative  I’ll remember learning to ice skate (note: Alex, the ice skating at a mall thank you Alex you’re a real help)I’ll remember...

My Statement: Untitled

By Braidyn

I bring mechanic skills. I rebuilt a dirt bike from scratchI bring driveway burnouts