Abuse Speech

Can you imagine your own pet rabbit was killed for experimentation to be used for makeup cosmetics? Neither can I. In 2012, more than 35% of rabbits were murdered for ‘practical experimentation purposes’ including drugs, cosmetics, personal care and chemicals. Can you believe many innocent animals such as dogs are killed? Can you believe that us ‘civilised humans’ have been keeping pets in cages? Can you believe this at all? Don’t you feel disgusted? Sad? China has been the “world’s biggest farming nation’, leading the United States with second. Cruelty or any abuse towards animals needs to stop for future generations of animals. 

According to the Human Society Organisation in a survey, 71% of those involved in domestic violence said that their pets were targeted as well. Domestic violence to animals usually takes place in homes, or enclosed rooms, hiding away from witnesses who can see it. Teenagers can play the role of the abuser, but even worse, the bystander. Why should we take all our anger, our frustration and our personal pain on these innocent pets? Why should we slaughter our friends for food, makeup, experiments or just plain simple relief? Abuse towards animals includes neglect or just mistreatment. Sadly, teenagers have been involved in animal abuse simply just for fun. Stupidity, carelessness and wrong! I disagree with adults abusing their pets but teenagers? Are we even setting a good representation for our children? Are we? 

Just imagine pets as humans, real people. Imagine killing them, doing experiments on them, putting them in makeup containers? How would a human in a makeup container look like? What would happen to them? How disgusting right? Doesn’t that make you think differently? Just because animals are slightly different from us doesn’t mean we treat them differently! Animals have feelings too, just like we do. Till this day, rabbits are STILL commonly used for testing in cosmetics, especially albino rabbits. If we keep continuing this, imagine all the extinct albino rabbits we lost, since now they are endangered. Imagine, the species that have been gone forever as the next generation won’t even get to see them in real life. Disheartening, right? 

We need to open our eyes and recognise the abuse we do towards our beloved animals! It’s easy to feel sorry for the abused animals, but it’s just as cruel if you just stand there and do nothing about it! We need to prevent hoarding and poachers from attacking our animals. We need to help spread the word about this scary issue and let everyone know about this, so it can come to an end. An end forever. Help children develop sorrow and empathy from a young age and to be a role model for them. Contact the police or the RSPCA if you see any type of abuse towards pets or animals straight away! We all need to fix the problem and make it come to an end forever and ever. Think about all the animals being killed all around the world. Animals still need our help. Standing there feeling sorry doesn’t help to minimise the abuse going around the globe. Help animals to let your family, friends and relatives know that pets are being killed for makeup supplies. Get rid of any cosmetics with animal testing on them so we can stop using them! You may think, animals has nothing to do with us, although, animals needs our help.

Please help. Please think. Please care for our future on earth. Please recognise how animals weren’t in this world for us to abuse. Please know that animals need our help to stop this problem. Please know animals can be extinct forever. Please help poor, innocent animals and give them a chance in life to live. Even just not supporting cosmetic companies using animals, can immediately contribute to the minimisation of animal use. 

According to PETA Organisation, every year 100 million animals including cats, dogs, mice, frogs, birds, fish and monkeys are murdered in experiments and medical training. Disgusting, right? Imagine all the 100 million lives we could’ve saved by preventing this problem in the first place? 

Animals aren’t ours to abuse.


These stories were written in our Factory Feedback program, which was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.