Before It’s Too Late

I live a life of luxury,

A roof over my head,


Plenty of food 

A separate room, just for my bed,

Comfort can be blinding

An obnoxious veil over our eyes

While we sit in air conditioned comfort

The world cries

The Earth cries,

The future cries, 

Our greed mocks and ignores this future

Our comfort passively watches

It pains and it rips my heart,

Knowing that they, the future will be the ones affected.

Future will know the damage we did,

Future will have to pay

Future will live in the world we tore apart

Future will have to clean up our mess

Future will cough up smog infested lungs

So we can have convenience today



Maybe if we stopped dropping rubbish

Remembered to walk to places instead

Open the blinds, not be blinded by our lights

Rug up, dress down, no air con

If the present doesn’t change,future won’t happen

You feel as if we are all rolling down a rocky hill, out of control.

But we can stop the momentum

If we want to live a good future

If we want to leave a good future

We must do something before it’s too late

Repair the Earth

Fix our mistakes

Or can continue towards Earth’s destruction

Commit the horrid crime of being ignorant

Do nothing

Up to you


These stories were written in our Factory Feedback program, which was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.