We publish thousands of stories each year, all written by our brilliant students. Here’s a selection of what they’ve been writing across our workshops.


By Isabelle

The red sun rose over the sea salted rivers, blackening the rows of palm trees and birds that flew across the wide birth of the sun. He breathed out a...


By Lara

I walked backstage almost twenty minutes before my first live show, fans were screaming for one of my songs – Golden. I was in my dressing room practicing my vocals...


By Saman

the previous chapters of my life memories come flooding back I feel my feet curl to the shape of a skull the ravens flew over her head the clock ticks...

Before It’s Too Late

By Mya, Year 10

I live a life of luxury, A roof over my head, Water, Plenty of food A separate room, just for my bed...


By Maryam

Hi. I am Maryam and I do my teeth every day and I like to do my teeth and my teeth have been white.


By Marina

On one awesome day, I went to my grandma’s house and I saw my cousin there so we decided to play a game. We started reading so many books.


By Mirna

Hi. I am Mirna. I do my homework every day and I like to do my homework in my house and if I am finished I will play and I will be happy.


By Asawer

One time there was a cow and the cow was very sad because her baby was lost in the mountain.


By Brtila

Every day I sit by myself in my room and practice writing. In the morning after we eat breakfast, me and my sister go to the park and we play together on the slide or sometimes we play soccer.


By Katrina

Hi, I like to eat apples and strawberries. I like cats and dogs and my teddy bear.

Madmoizelle Alone

By Georgia, Year 6

In the night she sits still as ever, take a picture and it wouldn’t last forever. The world around her filled with trouble, her existence made everyone besides the kids think it was double.

My Life in a Different World

By Natalie, Year 6

He woke up at a unusual place but later when he woke up in an unusual place he wasn't as scared as he thought he would be it was very interesting for him and i thought he want to look around a while and everything he get to like he changes into a different world and after those 7 world he kind of like the hang of it and was alway cures about it and alway had a great time and came back to normal.


By Manoeil

The flash is in Iraq. He helps everyone have happiness.


By Sahar

In one day, my parents and I went to the beach to play. We took the ferry and the air was strong. We ate lunch on the island. Then we swim in the sea.


By Mina

One day there was a monster called Jacob. He was so kind to all of the people. He used to not have any friends.