We publish thousands of stories each year, all written by our brilliant students. Here’s a selection of what they’ve been writing across our workshops.

I am by Jessika

I am a primary playground where no one liked me  I am washing powder I am this long sleeved striped shirt I am pani puri from Harris Park I am...

I am by Cindy

By Cindy

I am the park playground I am sweet vanilla I am my fluffy pajamas  I am Korean corn dogs I am the shade under a tree on a sunny day ...

Love is like a sunset by Dania

By Dania

Love is like a sunset, a promise of a new tomorrow The world is mother nature’s canvas, and we’re just writing in it Sunset filter my eyes Settled in the...

I want to do something by Daniel S

By Daniel

I want to do something that is difficult to do, not something anyone normal can achieve or do.

I love playing rugby by Ashton

By Ashton

I love playing rugby on a Sunday throughout the winter and the cold rainy nights twice a week. The wins make us feel like we’re on top of the world...

In primary school by Keith

By Keith

In primary school, I had a friend who would always cause trouble with the teachers. We both had an affinity for paper planes, so during lunchtime, we would sneak into...

I like to ride bikes by Seth

By Seth

I like to ride bikes with my friends and it is a good time. When we went for an early morning bike ride in Ramsgate / Sans Souci there was...

Trust by Reigne

By Reigne

Trust, for friendship there needs to be trust don’t snitch, trust them not to overcharge you they don’t backstab you they won’t scam you friends give you discounts

When I was younger by O

When I was younger, my two older sisters were my only friends. We always annoy each other, steal each others’ food from the canteen. We were very close in age...

The sky is splashed by Noah

The sky is splashed with a vibrant yet calm serenity. I wait to be alone to find serenity on the ocean in my canoe that brings me from place to...

I peacefully sway by Cady

By Cady

I peacefully sway in the vast shifting blue ocean,  gazing towards the endless horizon. It gives me the unmeasurable euphoric feeling of peace  the waves crash around me.   You...

Personal opportunity by Q.S

Personal opportunity can be almost anything. You just have to be prepared for the opportunities thrown at you in life. Professional opportunity can include something you decide to do when...

Life by Logan

By Logan

Life is death. I have to go to school. I have to deal with your nonsense. Nothing good knock on your door with a meatlovers pizza. I am sick of...

War is bad because by Daniel L

By Daniel

War is bad because it endangers many lives and causes mass destruction. In some cases, it can deplete major food supplies.

I’ll admit by Dimitri

By Dimitri

I’ll admit that I’m not sure that this inquiry is even productive. I am fidgeting. I pull my phone out my pocket, click it open. No, I do not weep...