Silk and Cotton

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On this silk and cotton mattress,

 I lay,


For the next man to receive his pleasure of the day. 

I apply the red lipstick and put a smile on my face, 

And hope that one day I can escape this place. 

My job is to satisfy,

 And I do satisfy, but that leads me to cry because

That means they come back for more 

And more 

And more.

They take us to a ‘club’, where we’re


Refused or abused. 

Before the men arrive, we’re given a pep talk, 



 And give them sexy talk’. 

When the swarms of men gather around us, their eyes are filled with lust

 Their bodies filled with fire, but we all know they carry one desire.

We spend the day with them, and if the price is right,

 We spend a night with them. 

We’re then taken back to the house

 Without receiving a cent

 Pushed into a room and left to repent. 

Smothered in shame

We duck our heads

Avoiding eye contact and wishing we were dead. 

We are all victims, but we don’t put up a fight because if we do

 It would be our last night.

I remember a time, a man told me he was sorry,

I cling to that hope

that maybe


I’m not to blame


This nightmare will never end

As tomorrow on a silk and cotton mattress I’ll lay, 


For the next man to receive his pleasure of the day. 


These stories were written in our Factory Feedback program, which was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.