The Strange Hallway

“AHHHH! I’M LATE FOR SCHOOL! I NEED TO HURRY!” Screamed Leo. He ate his breakfast, put on his clothes and ran off to school. “Phew, I made it here!” Sighed Leo. “Hi, Leo! Why are you so late?” Said Leo’s friend, James. “Oh, That’s a Looooong story…”  RING! The bell rang. All of the students scurried to class leaving Leo behind. Leo was a very strange kid. He ate bananas and peas TOGETHER! His BFFs were James and Sam. They did almost everything together! They called themselves “The 3 little Munchkins.

When Leo noticed everyone had gone, he started sprinting up to class. “Layla?” Said Mr.s Smith. “Here!” Exclaimed Layla cheerfully. “LEO!” Yelled Mrs Smith. “You. Are. LATE!” Didn’t I say you have to be here before 8:01!? You are late by a minute and now I marked you absent! Go get a late note!” “Ugh, Okay!” Sighed Leo. So he went off to the office. As he was going, he saw a hallway. He’d never seen it before. He had been in this school for 5 and a half years and it had never been there so he wondered if it were new. . .

He decided to run down the hallway. As he was pacing down the hallway, the floor was creaking as if it were going to break. He was very curious about what was in this spooky hallway. He was tip- toeing down the hallway, next thing he knew was the cleaner was behind him. He screamed at the top of his lungs as the cleaner stared at him hesitantly. Leo ran back to class faster than a cheetah. He was frightened for his life! “Did you get your latenote, Leo?” Questioned Mrs Smith. Leo hesitated to talk then he sprinted to the office as fast as his stubby legs could carry him. 

When he went to the office, he was panting like he just ran a marathon. The office teacher asked him why he was here. Leo replied “Late. Note!” The teacher gave him a late note and marked him present on the roll. Then Leo hurried back to class. Everybody in the class was staring at him. Then after about 5 minutes, the cleaner knocked on the classroom door. “Is Leo Kame here?” He quirred. 

“Yes, he is here, is there any problem?” Asked Mrs Smith

“Well, yeah.” Replied the cleaner. “Leo decided it was okay to wander around the school instead of doing what he’s supposed to. 

“LEO!” Exclaimed Mrs Smith as she was ringing the office. “I’m calling your mum! Go to the office now! Mrs Smith was furious at Leo. 

When Leo went to the office his mother was crossing her arms at him. She dragged him out of school, scolded him and sent him to his room when they got home.

After a few hours, James and Sam came to Leo’s house. They were talking about what had happened at school and how Sophia and Emma were being so annoying. Leo explained his plan of escaping the house and going to the park with his two friends. They were amazed with how impressive the plan was. They all agreed to the plan after a few minutes of testing and changing things. “Let’s do it!” Whispered Sam. Leo and James nodded. So, James said he had to go to help his mum at home but he was actually waiting outside Leo’s house with his walky talky in his hand. Then, Sam used an old box in Leo’s room and put Leo inside since Leo couldn’t leave the house because of his appalling behaviour. Leo’s mum asked what they were doing with the box and Sam replied that Leo gave some of his toys to him so he was taking it to his home. Then when they exited the house, Sam and James helped Leo out of the box then they all ran to the park.

In the park, there was a pool. They jumped into it then, Sam dared James to go to the bottom of the pool then come back up. James didn’t stay in the water for long at all. He whispered “Gold!”. Sam and Leo immediately dived into the pool then came back up with the gold in their hands. They were screaming of joy and laughing. “We’re rich!” Exclaimed Sam. “Is this a dream?!” They all ran to James’ house screaming with laughter then dried themselves off. 2 hours later, Leo went home. Immediately he opened the front door he saw his mother sitting in the parlor looking very upset. Leo didn’t say anything to his mum and just ran to his room. He went to sleep and in the morning he woke up early and ran off to school. He was very early for school. He ran up the strange hallway, and he saw a circle. It looked like the shape of the gold he found at the park. He took some of the gold and put it in there… The floor was going down and it turned out the cleaner had a top secret mansion at the bottom of the school! It was clean and glamorous, but before Leo had time to admire the mansion, The cleaner yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Leo didn’t run away this time. He said “What are you doing here?” “Uh- um” The cleaner stammered. “I am actually a secret spy for America. Please, don’t tell anyone…”



These stories were written in our Factory Feedback program, which was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.