The Wealthy Boy

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That one person. Different from others..

“Do you see the boy over there” Laura whispered to me. “Yeah.. Why?” I nodded my head. People think that I am weird hanging out with Laura. Laura was once in the mental hospital for some reason, she would never tell me though, no matter how much I begged her.

I had to transfer schools for some dumb reasons. Another school, new people, new teachers, new everything. Seems a lot of stress to me, moving schools to one and other each year. First day of year 8, people glared at me, made weird faces. I turned around to see someone behind me. “Uh.. Can you give me some space?..” I spoke quietly. He just glared at me for a second or two then walked away.

Laura ran up to me. “Omg you really came” Laura screamed. “Uh.. Yeah I did as can you see”. “Let me show you around the school,” Laura said.“Sure..I need my schedule first..” I spoke quietly. “Walk on the stairs ,take a left and then enter” Laura replied. I slowly turned around and walked on the stairs and took a left. I entered in, seeing the same boy, as I took a closer look he looked weird and funny. I ended up ignoring him and walked up to the counter. A person walked up to me “Hey do you need any help?”. “Yeah.. am new here” I spoke as loud as I can. 

After getting my schedule  I started my first class. Luckily my friend was there. I introduced myself, from the corner of my eyes I saw that same boy, the teacher assigned me to my seat. During break time, me and Laura sat near a building. “Hey Uh.. who’s the boy that I was sitting with..” I spoke eagerly. “Oh. Him? He always gets the top mark in the class, although..” Laura said. “Although what?” I replied. “Although.. He was poor and all scarred up when he came to school last year.. Maybe because of his abusive family..”. I decided to let it go. I saw the boy from the corner of my eyes again. No friends. No one. 

Next period, the same boy, same process, introduced myself and was assigned to my seat next to him. A weird thought came to my mind, “what if I ask his name..” I processed to nudge him gently and ask for his name. He took a minute or two then replied, his name was oddly familiar, yet so common and unique. We talked for a while even during class time. After two hours it was break time, I went to sit with my friend, on the way I saw him walking alone so I decided to let him join me and Laura. He agreed and walked along with me, I saw my friend and waved, Laura ran up to me and pushed the boy away. I was confused and nudged Laura away from me, I helped Brooke to stand up. “If you are friends with him then our friendship is over!” Laura Screamed. “What.. your fighting because of him..” I replied quietly. “Just look at him, his ugly and annoying” Laura screamed. I looked away from Laura and grabbed his hand “Let’s go..” as I stuttered. My “Friend” left a blank look on her face and walked away, it looked alot like jealousy though.. Brooke didn’t talk much, I didn’t really mind, I just felt more comfortable with him. 

Break time ended and it was time for our last period. Brooke wasn’t in the same class as me this time, I didn’t really mind. I thought there blankly and wondered what would happen if I never met Brooke in the first place. Well.. After classes it was home time, I slowly walked outside and waited for my parents, from the corner of my eyes I saw Laura staring at Brooke. I ran to him and said “Beware of Laura..”. Brooke didn’t reply to me instead he just shook his head. I saw my parent’s car and ran off since my parents were waiting for me. Brooke waved to me while I was running, the last thing I saw was Laura entering the same bus as Brooke, I saw my parents in the car and out of nowhere I told them to follow that bus. They honestly didn’t think much about it and followed the bus without asking a single question, I saw Brooke getting off the bus at the 5th stop but Laura was behind him..

The moment I saw them getting off the bus I got off too and watched, Laura. “Hey Brooke!” as Laura looked at him. “Laura? What are you doing at this bus stop? You always get off at the 3rd one..” Brooke stuttered. I didn’t see what was happening properly but I heard lots of talking. “Close your eyes..” Laura said. “Why?..” Brooke stuttered. “Just do it!” Laura eagerly replied. Brooke closed his eyes. The moment he closed his eyes Laura took something out of her bag something sharp.. I blinked for a second and saw Brooke on the floor with stabbed marks on his chest. I screamed out loud, Laura glanced at me and she slowly covered her mouth with her hands and ran. I ran to the car. “Drive!” I shouted whilst crying. They looked at me confused but refused to ask me. Whilst going home and throughout the night I kept thinking about it.. As if I was the one to blame.. I laid there blank like there was nothing else I could do about it.


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