Joxo turned into a horse by an evil witch

By Natalie, Year 10

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Once there lived a riches boy named Joxo in town that had a special crown until a bad witch came with her broom and said pass over the crown. Then Joxo asked the bad witch how did you get in and go pass the guards without getting court. She said none of your business so hand over the crown otherwise plan bee you will be turned into a horse. Jox said pass don’t but its mine then the bad witch said hand it over now. I don’t care if it’s your I just want it then Joxo replied with a no again frightened at the same time. Joxo thought of running through the door then he gave it a ago. Then sadly Joxo turned into a horse well not just a horse the ugliest horse in the whole universe but at the same time Joxo kinda liked being a horse and at the same time he hated it he misses his self again so he growled and screamed and yelled even though there was no use. Joxo heard footsteps coming through the door then the witch disappeared into thin air, then it was his friends that works at the farms that came out to visit. He yelled third, jax and Margo can you hear guy guys he yelled multiple times but they wouldn’t recommend sided him so the farmers saw the horse witch was Joxo and took Joxo with them then they had a break and I was tied up to a tree tied on Joxos leg while they had rested until a different witch appeared from nowhere the horse said stand back evil witch then this witch laugh and said very funny I’m the good witch but joxo didn’t know who to trust and he understood now that witches can technically understand the nature and animal and people the the witch I can turn you back then joxo said great then turn me back so she untied the rope that was tied around joxo leg with the good witch’s magic powers Joxo said okay then turn me back but she said the only way I can you if you help find the witch since she took everything from me so Joxo okay but how I’m a horse an you are so Joxo said I can’t do much she said at least give me information so joxo lied about information just to turn back to human then he realised some of the information was quite true she turned him back and to his home and the farmers woke up and saw the horse was missing they looked everywhere but no use and they walked home then let that go instead of going to find so they lived their usual normal life.

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