People Are Way Too Quick To Judge

By Dunya, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Have you ever been a situation where you had assumed something that wasn’t true? Well I have and that’s why I am 100% positive that people assume things way too quickly! People still haven’t learnt that things are not always as they seem! When people judge some one else it could really affect their mental health, make them believe false things about themselves and make them unbelievably insecure. This could really have a big impact on their lifestyle and how they constantly feel!

To begin with, if you ever judge someone and it affects their mental health who is the one to blame when they run out of money trying to pay for a psychologist because someone scarred them mentally? You! Because you’re the one who said something loathsome to them! For example, my friend Georgia was wearing a bracelet that was a hand me down from her dead grandma and someone called it ugly and stupid, which really upset her now whenever she looks at it she remembers that person’s exact words!

Secondly, if you were to judge someone and say false things about them they might actually believe you and then see it in themselves. Making someone feel bad about how they look or act is absolutely horrendous! How would you feel if someone said something to you that you know is false, then think about it really hard and eventually start to believe them? Well I know that I would feel like a real fool.

Finally, if you were ever to judge someone about their hair, body, eyes, smile or even laugh they would most definitely become unbelievably insecure and who wants to be insecure for life, not me and definitely not YOU!

In other words, it is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE to judge someone and as a matter of fact if you ever want to be known as a bully or a terrible person you just need to judge someone. To sum up this statement you should NEVER EVER judge someone because it could affect their mental health, make them believe false things about themselves and make them unbelievably insecure!

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