Spider-Man Narrative

By Jonathan, Year 5

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Peter is a agile, young and short boy who watches Spider-Man practically  every day. Peter glued watching his Spider-Man  cartoon with fascination until his mother called him for dinner. When his mum called Peter to dinner, Peter would just quickly take the mouthwatering food and then eat the scrumptious food on the comfortable couch. He would watch his favourite Spider-Man movie and he would eat super slowly like a snail eating its food. The reason he wanted to do that was because he wanted to enjoy the movie more. Peter would finished the in a long time but when he finished his food his mum will shout Peter didn’t go to sleep instead he would watch his movie until he is done. Every night, Peter loves dreaming about Spider-Man and he wants to act like Spider-Man like swinging chair to chair or slide down the rail of the stairs.

The next thundering morning, Peter was woken by the sound of the striking thunder in the dark gloomy sky. Peter sprinted down the creaky stairs as mum was cooking breakfast. Straight away, Peter admired and watched his Spider-Man and his mum gave him a  delicious breakfast. Peter didn’t rush because he wants to enjoy his movie rather than the food. After an hour, Peter finished his food and he still watched  Spider-man’s agile moves and he wanted to imitate the agile moves. Peter leapt from couch to couch then climbed the rail of stairs and then he slid down the stairs but he had an accident. Suddenly Peter fell on the ground with a loud thud and then he felt a sharp pain through his leg. He couldn’t get back up and he bursted into tears.That alerted his neighbours and they called the ambulance and informed his parents.His parents weren’t there when Peter had an injury because they were at work but then neighbours had their numbers so they contacted his parents. 

Going to hospital, Peter saw lots of green thick trees along the sidewalks and Peter saw the sky wasn’t gloomy anymore. The yellow bright sun lighted in the cerulean blue sky. When Peter and his mum arrived at the hospital, the doctor checked up on X-ray. Peter had a fractured leg,arm and back and the doctor said that Peter had to be hospitalised for more than a year. Peter’s parents scolded for his foolish actions and Peter hung his head in shame and regretted his foolish actions.Peter was told not to do something dangerous or imitate a cartoon character. But now Peter doesn’t watch a lot of Spider-Man, instead he plays basketball with his friends because in the future he wants to be an NBA professional basketball player.

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