The Dangerous Ocean

By Sama, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Crystal and Lia are going on a trip to the massive  ocean.They are going there to take some beautiful pictures of the  massive ocean to share with their friends and family members.They were so excited about it so they packed their bags and went to the  red car.

After a 2 hour drive, they were finally there. Crystal Lia and were enjoying the view while taking the pictures.They sat down to eat lunch on one of the enormous dangerous rocks there.That rock is dangerous because it’s on the edge of the hill.

It took Crystal and Lia a moment to realise that the rocks were moving and about to fall into the  shiny ocean.Time was up and they couldn’t save themselves.They fell into the ocean and they were drowning.They yelled for help but no one was there. They felt so worried and they thought they were gonna die.

Suddenly, a beautiful mermaid came out of the  magical ocean.She saw Crystal and Lia drowning so she decided to help them.The mermaid grabbed them with her hands to the the safety.Lia and Crystal thanked  the mermaid a lot and  they were so happy and  appreciated, and they became friends with the beautiful mermaid other they even came once a month to visit her.

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