By Isabelle

Written as part of Art Write Light

The red sun rose over the sea salted rivers, blackening the rows of palm trees and birds that flew across the wide birth of the sun. He breathed out a shaky sigh, the loud chatter of the crowded street deafening him. From his little house on the cliffs behind the forest to the bustling streets of the satellite city. From birds, soaring freely across the open sky, as they slowly disappeared with morning break. The scent of sea, of salted rivers as the wind stayed quiet and the trees froze like statues. The sun approached closer and closer, the burning fire heated the once cold air. To hear splitting honks, and choking musky air. To see roaring people and litter covered ground. People rushing around at a hurried pace, murmuring soft apologises when they bumped into each other. ‘Why here of all places?’ he frowned when he stepped in a puddle, an invitation (more like demand) requesting his presence at a family reunion being held in a taller and shinier apartment. The letter itself was written by an aunt he very much disliked but was being held by his (favourite) cousin. Stopping at the steps of the Conquest Apartment he sucked in a heavy breath, eyes weary and stepped into the white tiled building.

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