Original creative works by young authors participating in Story Factory programs.

From the weird to the wistful, from the brave to the poor, from their homelands and deep within their hearts, and from far-flung places like Uluru to Mars (and back again!), our writers will take you on adventures you never thought possible.

We’ll share their work here, so watch this space - and do it carefully, because some of the characters bite!


Ocean’s Treasure

Shiny white marble, changing colour in the sun.

Bright star making me feel special.

Swimming off a Cook Island beach. Rarotonga.

And I discovered a white pearl.

I return the pearl to where it belongs. To share its beauty.

I was the chosen one and I felt rich.

— Jahziel

A Story by Nathan, Year 5/6

Emu and his friends were playing and having fun like usual friends. But one day, suddenly, out of nowhere, Emu’s best friend Kiwi started coughing. He didn’t feel good. Kiwi was sick, apparently he had a disease called “Kiwitropitus”. There was certainly no cure on Earth that could make Kiwi feel better. Emu was fearfully worried for Kiwi.

They were living in the outback of Western Australia. Blue-Tongued Lizard, the doctor of all outback animals, told Emu Kiwi was sick because of the natural habitat. Blue-Tongued Lizard said, “Kiwi cannot adapt to this environment.” He also said, “There is a cure for Kiwi but it doesn’t exist here, it exists on the fourth planet from the sun, Mars.”

Emu volunteered to go to Mars and get the cure, but the problem was how would he get to Mars? Emu thought for a minute. He had an idea. He would ask one of the four winds to bring him to space to Mars.

Emu asked East Wind, “Can you bring me to Mars?”

East Wind replied sadly, “No, I cannot bring you there. I have never travelled that far ever in my whole entire life. But my brother West Wind can probably bring you there!”

East Wind brought Emu to West Wind, his brother. West Wind was stronger than East Wind. East Wind asked West Wind, “Brother, are you strong enough to bring Emu here to Mars?”

West Wind replied, “No, but maybe South Wind does, for he is stronger than I.”

West Wind brought Emu to South Wind but he replied with the same answer. So South Wind brought Emu to North Wind, “The strongest upon all of us,” South Wind replied.

North Wind brought Emu all the way to Mars, the Red Planet.

The cure was an ocean blue, shiny crystal that Kiwi had to eat. It was on a mountain and Emu got it and brought it home to Kiwi. When Kiwi ate the crystal he described it as “sweet” and he got better. The cure worked.

‘Poopy the One-Eyed Dinosaur’ by Kaden

Chapter One

It was Awesome Tuesday in Wonkyville. Poopy the dinosaur woke up and went to the toilet to do his business. Then he realised it was Awesome Tuesday, so something awesome was going to happen that day.

Poopy was a good dinosaur. He had one hundred heads, one eye and was lovely.

After he went to the toilet, Poopy went to every house eating lots of breakfasts. He liked eating meat on toast.

The people were scared of the dinosaur because he was eating meat on his toast. They thought he would eat them. But Poopy just went back home and put on his spotted bow tie, then went to Silly Wet and Wild to have a swim.

Chapter Two

At Silly Wet and Wild, Poopy fell in love with another dinosaur named Julia. She had a bow tie on her head and a curved tail. She had one eye and one hundred heads. She also had a fat body.

Poopy’s eye almost popped out because of how much he loved Julia.

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My Australia

In my Australia you can’t get out to see the horizon
You can’t see the views
Only tall buildings and crowded roads

In my Australia I sense the freedom but I don’t live it.

In my Australia there is good welfare
If I fell I feel like I would be caught and taken care of.

My Australia is multicultural
There’s a lot of different cultures and religions.

My Australia is racist
Not everyone accepts the different cultures and religions.

My Australia has a lot of different foods and it helps bridge the cultures
And bring everyone together.

Omar, Year 10


Chapter Three

But Julia did not like Poopy because he had smelly armpits and a hairy bottom.

Poopy said, ‘I love you.’

Julia said, ‘Go and have a bath!’

Poopy felt sad and angry at the same time, but he had a bath and shaved his hairy bottom, then he went back.

Julia finally said, ‘I love you.’

They kissed at the water slide.

Chapter Four

Poopy and Julia swam together at the wave pool. A big wave crashed into Julia and she crashed into the bottom of the pool.

Poppy dove into the water to save her life. He picked Julia up with his tail and swam up to the surface.

Julia’s eyes were closed, so Poopy breathed air into her until they opened. He walked with her to his house. Then he said, ‘Will you marry me?’

Julia said, ‘Yes,’ and the next day they married.

 The End!