Laughter Quartet by June Perkins

By June Perkins, Out Of School

Laughter is


Memory doors swung open as 

siblings linked in memories of mischief 

shared, once more, tip toe past their parent’s door to

cartoons calling from their new colour tv; knowing.

Mum and Dad’s weekend sleep in

means they can giggle freely at 

Coyote and Road Runner.


Laughter is


Dad cruising into his word play.

Children’s comedic ‘Aww Dad that’s awful.’

Mum with witty zig zag eyebrows,

and inscrutable nose twinkles, winks

‘I like Dad’s funny stories the best.’

Funny bones and a camera click clack

to make the long road trip lighter.


Laughter is


Funny bones click clack

as the Dad, makes Dad jokes

and the children make jokes 

about Dad jokes (when he isn’t looking)

and the Mum raises her eyebrows (they are looking)

her pupils lit with inscrutable twinkles 

Who will win the vote? Dad or children? (you decide).


Laughter is


An open mouth

giggling out Cairns Birdwing Butterflies

singing leaves become forest


chatting children after cyclones

emerging from cocoons with wings of