If I Were

By Emilia

Written as part of Sunset in My Heart

If I were in a room full of people I don’t know, I would start to fidget. I’d pull my phone out of my pocket, click it open and then close it again. It’d be my first escape idea, only until I warm up to the people, although I may never warm up. Who knows? I remember these afternoons after school where I would walk with a guy I hardly walk with due to the person I normally walk with being away. It was super awkward. So to burst the awkward bubble I would take my phone out and turn it on, just so it looked like I was looking at something. Sometimes, I even just stare at my opened phone just to avoid conversations. If I were honest, I think my phone is my best friend, even if it won’t talk back. At least I know it’ll be there in the moments I need it most. 



How about we replace the phrase ‘creative person’ with ‘a person learning creative abilities’? How does that sound? Personally I think it is very clever. As someone who enjoys creative activities I think the phrase ‘a person learning creative abilities’ is relatable. I’ve been doing art and music lessons for at least four years now and I’m still able to learn so much. Just recently, I had the opportunity to go on a targeted camp to learn new art skills and techniques. I learnt three new ways of making landscapes! I also do school choir and just recently my school has been selected to perform with other schools all around New South Wales.