Keltis’s Story and the Free Spirits by Lusiane

By Lusiane, Year 8

Written as part of Factory Feedback

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Keltis sat there quietly and miserably. 

Though she was silent she was screaming

but you didn’t care enough to listen

her cries linger through my ear still

I should’ve listened to her cries

I saw she was in pain but I just sat and stared

As if I had been paralysed….

I stared at her cries as they wisped in the air


Her back lashed and her eyes watery

A young gloomy mist filled the air 

intoxicating those around

making them realise the things that happen

making them see what a in need spirit looks like

The young ones were shook when they saw her no longer courageous spirit leave her


all to young to be knowing about these things

but they didn’t cover their eyes 

they stared and cried 

and so did Keltis

because they finally saw her pain

Keltis sat their watching her old spirit leave

She was dead

saying a goodbye with many tears of agony


Dead on that field people stood and looked

and she looked back 

except they couldn’t see her ghost

she was free 

she was a new person and she knew that

she had a burden free back

and she didn’t shed a tear anymore

not for anyone or anything


Keltis had made them finally hear her story

she was a free spirit she roamed around

cursing those who made anyone feel like she had felt


Torn to the core her sister shed tears 

she whined till the next blood moon

forever remembering Keltis… she cried


she saw Keltis’s spirit that night 

she was gutted and cowered away for a long period of time

she cowered because she knew that she could’ve done more

Keltis had a sad story and no one cared 

no one wanted to listen to it

I was the only one who saw the whole thing

I saw Keltis get sad, abused, neglected, infuriated, lost, manipulated…

I saw it all 


but I couldn’t help

Because I too was a lost spirit

and so we were spirits together 


To freeing our spirits…. Listen and look

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