Life With Sisters by Ayrlie

By Ayrlie, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Chapter one 

The riverside

One day a young girl called Amy was asleep in her nice comfortable bed having an amazing dream. As dark turned into light and started to get lighter she slowly opened up her eyes, to see her little sister staring right at her. “Ahhhh.” Amy screamed “what, it’s only me.” Keira said “well, first of all you scared me, second of all you’re in my room with no permission and lastly why are you in here.” Amy replied in a high toned voice. “Well Siara asked me to come and get you cause the cows broke out and mum and dad can’t help because they left for their cruise early this morning and won’t be back till Tuesday and they said to Siara keep the house clean today, Sunday, Monday and then they will be back Tuesday arvo.” Keira spoke in a loud quick voice. “Has she got the horses all ready to go.” Amy said. “She finished when I came in.” “ok just let me get dressed and I will be out, ok.” 

“okey dokey.” So when Amy had gotten dressed the three girls set off to round up the cows on their horses, Spartan Amy’s horse is a big beige horse with black socks , Firefly Keira’s horse is a mid size grey with white spots and Willow Siara’s horse is a big golden horse. After they were done rounding up the cows Keira shouted out “can we go down to the riverside for like one hour, please.” “that sounds like a good idea.” Siara screamed out loud. The three girls raced down to the riverside and when they arrived they hopped off their horses and sat down on their three huge stones. They each have one next to each other and whenever they go to the riverside they love sitting on their stones and watching the water float calmly. “Do you guys wanna jump in, cause it is a pretty hot day and we do have a lot of free time this weekend.” Amy spoke. “Sure.” Keira said “it looks very welcoming.”  Siara spoke in a nice calm voice. So the three girls jumped in all together in the deep crystal clear, cool water and they were having the best time ever! When the three girls knew it was time to leave they each let their horses have a drink and headed off before it was lunch time.


Chapter two

The herd 

As the three girls left they ended up racing back home. “Omg that was so fun.” Amy said in a happy clear voice. “I will go and untack the horses and you two can go and make some lunch.”Siara spoke in a loud voice. “Ok.” Keira said. So while the girls were doing their tasks they could all hear a thump in the ground. Siara ran down to the house when she finished doing the horses. “Are you guys ok.” Siara spoke in a frightened voice. It kept on getting louder and louder. The three girls rushed outside, and there was a huge herd of beautiful wild horses running across the huge field. “Ive never seen that herd before”.“Wow.” Amy said in such a shock. But leading the herd was a wild big black stallion. “Look at him.” Keira said. “He’s pretty cool, hey.” As the herd left the girls sat out on their varanda and had a very nice lunch. After the girls finished their lunch it was time to get back to work. They brushed down the horses, mucked the stalls, filled the troughs, fed the horses and before they knew it it was time for dinner. The three girls went inside all dirty and covered in filth. “I dibs the first shower.” said Keira. “I’m next.” screamed Amy. “and i guess i will just put dinner on,” said Siara. Amy and Keira had a shower and Siara cooked dinner. After dinner was cooked and Amy and Keira had a shower Siara had a quick shower and then the girls sat out and watched a movie with their amazing cooked steak for dinner made by Siara. 


Chapter three


When it came to Tuesday morning the three girls each had an alarm set to 6 AM. After the alarms went off the three girls hurried down stairs to get the place ready for their parents homecoming. “They said to me that they will be home just after noon.” said Siara “I will put on a roast around 10:00.” shouted Amy. the girls quickly did all of their chores and before they knew it it was nine thirty. “Hurry Amy get the roast on.”Siara screamed 

2 hours later.

(knock knock) “Siara open the door.” Amy spoke quietly


The girls were happy to see their parents and their parents were very impressed with the farm. They sat down in the dining room and had the most wonderful Roast. Their parents told them about the cruise and the girls talked about the horses. They had the best 

time in a long time. 

The end

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