The Baker’s Daughter by Khushbakht Kamran

By Khushbakht, Year 8

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Dirty cups on the dresser

Empty cans on the shelves, 

An unmade bed

Making the displeasure come alive,


Books in places they shouldn’t be

Drawings on the wall

Browsers open of pretty girls

making the pressure come alive,


Flowers pressed into old books

Ruined canvases with no meaning 

burnt candles taking up space

opened sets of pencils

Making the error come alive,


The scent of used up perfume

the smell of fresh bread

50 notifications lay unread

A hairbrush waiting to be used

Making the nether come alive,


Cold pillows staying cold

Wind passing through the broken window

Torn up shirts by the door

The stench of old tea bags

Making the weather 


Stuffed animals from years ago sitting by the window

In the defect of the mess 

Something an even bigger mess

The baker’s daughter 

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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