The Emotions I Feel

By Xyler

Written as part of Sunset in My Heart

The emotions I feel when noting down ideas and thoughts that happened during the day really makes me understand myself. Just like when I was sitting alone studying for an upcoming exam, enjoying the silence while my pencil danced on the paper. Re-arranging thoughts about the exam and worries – also discarding them as I like. Finding ways to deal with the issue as if I’m already in the exam and trying to quickly resolve the problems before time runs out. When it ends I can finally breathe freely with no thoughts in my mind. That’s why writing ideas is so helpful to remember and problem solve



One of the most valuable things to me right now is a song called ‘You’ll be safe here’ or something like that, it’s by a Filipino artist called Adie. The song’s vibe is very calming and it has a powerful meaning behind it, which is why I listen to it every day. It reminds me that the challenges I faced shouldn’t result in me giving up and that I should keep going because there’s always a safe place, a light at the end of the tunnel.