The Secret by Chioma

By Chioma, Year 5

Written as part of Factory Feedback

RIIIIING! My alarm rang. It was 12am straight so I wondered what was going on. When I tried to get out of my bed, all of a sudden, my floors disappeared. I heard my sister Niyah screaming out for help. I couldn’t hear myself talk. My bed started shrinking and so did my room. I tried to jump onto my dresser but it disappeared. I looked around for my phone with the remaining time my bed was still able to hold me up. Then, just when I was about to grab my phone, my eyes automatically shut down…

Approximately 15 minutes later, I woke up in a foreign land. It was colourful and bright. There were many trees around and birds chirping. I looked around for Niyah. I screamed her name about a hundred times but I didn’t receive a reply. Just when I was going to call Niyah’s name again, I saw a strange figure. It certainly wasn’t a human but an animal. I ran to the figure and greeted it quickly before asking if he knew where this was. He looked at me with a mocking face and laughed. He replied saying that this place was Fering Hill and skipped off.

As I was wandering around in the new place I spied a strange flying object with green spikes on its tail and it seemed to be in a rush. Suddenly, it dropped a paper as it was speeding past me. The note said: “Nothing is real…” I was really questioning this as an anvil slowly dropped on me. The anvil didn’t hurt me nor crush me. It was like nothing happened. I soon knew what the paper meant.

CRASHHHHH! I was back to earth in my bed with Niyah staring at me. I wondered what that dream meant. Was I spying into the future or was it reality?

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