Basketball by Christian

Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback


Slam! The audience cheer with excitement after the first dunk was done, my body was exhausted after the first round of the basketball game. The 

referee blowed his whistle after the first round was done, he told the players to take a rest and plan for the second round.


The real game begins

Ding! The buzzer went off and the scoreboard was surprisingly terrifying the score was 10 to 98 and my team had lost the game. I was under the hoop trembling with tears as I was trying to stand up. My opponent walked to me and starred at me with a sinister aura behind him and left with his team mocking me.



I stood up and went to the changing room with my team to refreshed myself and to clean my face with cold water. My coach stood on the seat and told the team to not give up because next year we would win but everyone seemed to be exhausted still after the terrifying match we had just played. 


Never giving up 

Our coach felt sorry for us so he mentioned we should not feel about ourselves.He also offered to go to the nearest restaurant for dinner.      

After we had ate are  dinner, I decided to sneak off to a basketball court to practice shooting dribbling and dunking. I only had one year to practice and I wasn’t going to waste it.! I swore to myself that I would never fail my team and let to see them work all that effort for nothing! I charge at the hoop with full speed and dunk the ball slam! The ball didn’t go through I was too weak! I was short and fragile as well. But I wouldn’t give up. The best thing to do was train with my first coach who inspired me to play basketball. Footsteps approached and it appeared to be my senior member Lee.


Team members

Lee was our second tallest and a bit strange. He was one of the first people to join this team.The person who created our team was Indra he also was a senior and was the tallest in our team he was the best person i could make combos with. Lee told me to get back inside because it was too cold and our team were gonna discuss who we were facing in the final rounds we were going to face one of the strongest teams ever in Tokyo (Prisms). The Prisms had a member who never missed a shot. After we finished the conversation I couldn’t go to sleep I kept on predicting of what could go wrong. What if we lose we can’t enter the tournament and win. I tried to not think of anything else and went to sleep. Today was the day whether we lose and don’t make it to the tournament or we win and enter the tournament.



I had a peek of what our opponents looked like they were tall and strong but I had faith that we could win. The round began and I remembered what I learnt with Indra but I wanted to save it for a miracle moment. Indra started off with the ball and passed to Lee. Lee dribbled half way and bounced to Kyle (The captain) Kyle went for a two pointer but a tall member of the Prism blocked it and dunked it into our goal.Mido started of with the ball (their strongest player)and shot straight away slam! The ball went in in two seconds?!



Impossible I yelled I’ve never seen a goal that quick in my life minutes passed and we were losing. The last round was about to happen with our points twenty two to twenty nine I whispered to Indra and the last round began. This time I started off with the ball and ran swoosh! The ball disappeared swoosh! And I disappeared poof! I appeared both with the ball and started to dribble and passed to Indra slam! We slowly started to raise up. The points were now twenty nine to twenty nine Mido their strongest was figuring out my technique.


Now or never

We cant fail now I yelled I started off with the ball and did my technique swoosh! Mido snatched the ball as soon as I  got behind his teammate. Mido does a shooting pose and is about to score he shoots accurately  slam! The ball went back to their hoop and scored beep! The buzzer went off and we won thanks to Indra, Indra blocked the ball from before and did a formless shot. I can’t believe we won !

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