Change is Scary

By Fatuma, Year 9

Written as part of Factory Feedback

I walk into my creepy basement to get my family’s old rusty camera and hear a big bang. I turn on the light and it starts to flicker. I see the camera from a distance. I walk toward the camera and try to grab it. I start to feel something brush against my skin. I immediately realize it’s a bunch of spiders and cockroaches. I scream at the top of my lungs and grab the camera and sprint upstairs. I get upstairs to see my dad running around trying to find his missing socks. Sometimes he goes to work with two different socks. My mum sometimes bullies him. I  get to school and see Evie. Evie is my charming nice friend; she has brown hair and hazel eyes. We both walk into the school gate. We see Jade. Jade is a very messy and clumsy friend, she has long blond hair and light blue eyes like the ocean. We hear Mrs. Mia screaming!! From the back of the room with 50 people in it. Miss quiets down the class and starts to read out the roll she calls out my name first then Evie, and Jade. The bell rings and interrupts her.

 Recess finishes. Mr. Parker walks into the class, he just walks around giving letters and paper to people. He gives the letter to the school that we have been nominated to. But I, Evie and Jade are going to a private school so we have to sit for a test but I am sure I will pass. The bell rings after lunch and we have math. I get home to study for my big day tomorrow next morning I leave to go to my test   

 I leave  the car shaking and shivering because I was scared to fail the test .I get inside to see the chairs and seats  all apart from each. I start to become afraid and sit down to start the test.  Throughout  the test I hear the clock clicking like a vibration going through my ear.  The test finishes, I go home.

The next day I go to school to see  Mr. Parker. slams the result papers on my table. He’s such a rude and inconsiderate headteacher. I slowly slide the paper out and see it say you have not been accepted. I hear  Evie and Jade say I have been accepted. I  Bolt out of the classroom and go to the bathroom and start to cry. I think of what my typically Arab mother would do like many Arabs parents. We must do good or we’re a failure our whole life. My Dad is from England so he’s less strict. Mum picked me up, the car ready back was quiet, it was quieter than ever. My Mum proceeded to ask if I got my result and my heart started pounding out of my chest.  so  I said we haven’t got it and we got home.  Throughout the day I play hide and seek…

Evie and Jade react badly after I tell them I didn’t make it.

Jade says” it’s easy to find new friends”

Evie continue  “yeah you shouldn’t be crying“

Emma sent a red angry face 

 Emma leaves the group chat..

Why won’t they listen? they get to go to a stinking good school. Will I go to an old and rusty school? They will have more exclusive experiences and I will have to deal with my family backlash. I just feel like beating them until blood comes pouring out. I start to realize I don’t have time for this nonsense. I go downstairs to tell my mum about me failing the exam. She proceeds to say it’s all fine. We all fail but one failure isn’t your whole future. I was happy to hear that.

I got lost immediately and started to panic. The school is a big maze. I thought this school would be small and rusty but instead, it’s big and nice like a castle. I walk into the class and the whole class starts to stare at me. I straight away find a tight corner to sit at. I wish I was invisible. the teacher looks toward me. I start to blush and look like a red tomato. She proceeds to ask me what my name is?  I reply and say ‘Emma’ the bell rings for as to play outside I sit outside alone scared that I won’t fit in. A bunch of girls walked towards me. I start to get frightened that they may bully but instead, they ask if they could sit with me and I say ”yes“.  ‘I’m over the moon!  That I have found  new friends

The next day the girls came to say they were sorry about being mean and we shouldn’t be fighting because this is our last year together. . I realize I can still succeed, even if I fail once or twice.

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